Victor Goldberg


Pianist Victor Goldberg has technique to burn...

He  clearly  didn’t  feel  any  muffling  of dynamics  was   needed in Scriabin’s Piano Sonata no. 5, which played  beautifully  into  his  emotionally  frank  style.  

Saving   the  best  for  last,  Goldberg  turned  in  a  performance  of   Brahms’s  Handel  Variations  that  mined  the  piece  for  the widest range of expressive color. Crisp in its neo-baroque  variations  and  broodingly  romantic  in  others,  this was a young composer’s music infused with all the  

youthful energy and feeling it demanded. 

Joe Banno, The Washington Post 

Washington, DC, United States

South Korea Concerto


Beethoven Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58 (2/3) 

The Classical Collection

The Romantic Collection


Allan Kozinn, The New York Times New York, United States

Victor   Goldberg   is   a  young  Israeli   pianist  of  astute  interpretive sensibilities  and  finely  polished   technique...   Rachmaninov’s   "Moments   Musicaux"  are densely textured virtuosic showpieces that require  the  kind  of  ironclad  technique  that  Mr.  Goldberg  brings  to  this rippling  performance...  
You  can  hear  that combination of deference and imagination in  Mr.  Goldberg’s thoughtfully characterized renderings of the  first three vignettes from Schumann’s “Fantasiestücke.”

Art China

Victor astounded  the  audience  with  the  dazzling  technique,  speed,  and  nobility  of  his  playing... He  brought a one-of-a-kind experience to piano lover.

Edith Eisler, New York Concert Review New York City, United States

Victor Goldberg is an excellent pianist with a formidable  technique,  a  powerful  tone,  and a romantic soul...  

His intensely expressive performance had a powerful  emotional impact. Domenico Scarlatti’s famous E major  Sonata was played with filigree delicacy, crystal-clear runs and elegant leaps... Mr. Goldberg has a wide range  of nuances and colors, which he used with great skill and imagination. The program’s highlight was Brahms’  Variations  on  a  Theme  by  Handel,  one  of  the  most daunting masterpieces of the repertoire. Goldberg met its instrumental and musical challenges with masterful  technical  and  tonal  command.  Combining  careful planning  with  spontaneity, austerity  with  romantic   passion... it was a most impressive performance.

The Tianjin Daily Tianjin, China

It was a great joy to watch his relaxed piano playing and elegant manners that elated the audience to the world  of  his  music,  as  if  hypnotizing  them  or  making  them  drunk... His spiritual energy conquered the audience.

Arlene Bachanov, The Daily Telegram Michigan, United States

Goldberg  is  a  pianist  who  clearly  feels  this  music  in  the  depths  of  his  soul,  and  at  the same time  displays  a  stunning  level  of  virtuosity.  He  handles  the  most dazzling passages   of  these pieces  with  brilliant  technical skill and the more lyrical moments with real  grace.
Hearing him immersed in this music is indeed a  singular experience, and one that shouldn’t be missed...

Maria Celine Veloso Pil, The Philippine Star Manila, Philippine

Mozart’s heavenly melodies were enhanced by Victor’s  delicate  touch  and  expression performed joyously   flamboyant with dainty staccatos and well-delineated  phrasing in agile virtuosity.  Before  the  frisky  third movement  Rondo, interpreted  with  a  lot  of  verve  but with that heavenly touch, Victor charmed the audience with  his  tender rendition of  the   second Andante movement.
His Scriabin left the audience breathless and speechless before they erupted in a roaring ovation!